About Me


When i started my Banksy journey his artworks were in the hundreds of pounds and the artworld was still largely of the opinion it was just a fad. We’ve since seen the meteoric rise of an artworld outcast into one of the most influential and revered artists in any creative field of our generation. I think its safe to say we are well past the fad stage.

In those early years i represented and sold art for many artists, then almost overnight it all changed, i went from 40 + artists to just Banksy. Rather than knowing a little about a lot of artists markets, I wanted to know as much as possible about one. The Banksy market has forever been steeped in mystery. How do you buy primary works? How do you source those rarities that rarely emerge on the open market; the Banksy unicorns that were rumoured and whispered about but never seen. There was no easy answer. You couldn’t just phone or email and ask to buy primary works. The answer, if you received one, would inevitably be “nothing is currently available” regardless of the promises you made never to resell or the amount of money you were prepared to spend.

The primary market was built largely on introductions via existing trusted individuals. It was a very efficient strategy. To have any presence in the market over a long period, relationships with these collectors alongside building relationships with new collectors was fundamental and still is to this day. I focused on how i could be of service to the Banksy market and over time those relationships developed organically.

I believe there are a number of key entities (both art market professionals and collectors) who as a collective are the heartbeat of the commercial aspect of the Banksy market, with a vast knowledge and understanding of the dichotomy of the overall market. I consider myself to be one of them.

Andy Lyttle